Executive & Life



Executive Coaching

It is exciting, but it may also be lonely at the top! The further up the ladder you climb, the fewer places you have to turn to get objective, high-level feedback. You are now in the position to mentor. You are now the one that must create structure and make difficult decisions all the time. And when you have doubts or anxieties, where do you share them? At the same time, every choice you make becomes far more impactful. With minimal room for error, you may want to explore your uncertainties more than ever!


Leadership Challenges


  • Do you feel isolation, anger, anxiety, burnout, shame, confusion, depression, guilt, numbness, self-doubt, or other chronic, negative feelings?


  • Have you avoided difficult conversations with other executives, co-founders, staff? Or lead a dysfunctional team member?


  • Do you find yourself not having enough time to get your work done, let alone time to enjoy your "other life" outside of work?


As an executive coach, I can act as a guide, confidant, collaborator, and challenger to those who carry the exciting burden of executive-level leadership. I offer years of experience working with executives and CEOs in start-ups/high tech, private equity, as well as creatives in advertising, music, and the film industry.


While helping you to articulate your strengths simply and clearly so that you can get the opportunities you deserve, I can help you to understand your clients better and market your creative work and talent more effectively and successfully.




  • Strengthen strategic thinking and gain focus, clarity & direction


  • Improve motivation & self-regulation


  • Improve time & task management


  • Stimulate self awareness & soft skill development


  • Leverage influence skill development


  • Understand behavioral styles & increase empathy


  • Become an effective catalyst for organizational change


  • Improve leadership abilities to develop high-performing teams


  • Find balance between work, and your personal life


  • Learn how to consistently act in alignment with your core values  



I look forward to designing a coaching package that meets your individual or company's needs, as well fits into your busy schedule.


Life Coaching

We've all hit that point where we can't figure out exactly what we want to do with our lives, or we are just not happy where we are at. It can happen when you're 22 or when you're 55, and it can be a tricky process to work through. By now, you have (mostly) made sense of the past and just want to move forward with life! 


My life coaching clients are looking for support with a self-initiated change in pursuit of specific outcomes. These outcomes are linked to personal or professional success. The emphasis in a coaching relationship is on action, intense goal setting, accountability, and follow-through. Coaching is highly collaborative.


Throughout our structured and time-limited sessions, you'll get unstuck, create a vision, remove obstacles, and craft a plan for moving forward. I'll help you stop feeling lost and start feeling forward momentum, get control over your inner critic and have actionable tasks from each session. You will have more energy and motivation to act on creating an exciting and fun future!



3 hours 

Like: asking for a raise, working on a dating profile, or preparing for a job interview or difficult conversations

3 months

90 min visioning + goal setting
Bi-weekly 60 minute sessions
90 minute decompression